We design, develop and build custom timberframe homes that allow you to take full advantage of your land, while incorporating everything you want in your new timberframe home. Throughout the process, we can contribute as much (or as little) as you need with regard to design, construction and completion of your new home. 

Please visit our Building Process page for more details about construction of our timberframe homes. 

If you prefer to choose one of our existing designs – featuring award-winning open floor plans, soaring ceilings and more 
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The custom home design process

At Timberbuilt, we work hard to make the process as easy as possible for you. The entire process – which typically takes approximately 6-12 weeks – includes these steps:

Step 1 – Site Visit

We will ask what is important to you in terms of design, talk about your lifestyle, and discuss how you plan to use different spaces. At this time, we will also look at any pictures that you have to share, discuss the attributes of the lot, and talk about where the timberframe home will be laid out and situated on the land.

Step 2 – Initial Concept Presentation

Approximately four weeks after the Site Visit, we will present you with:
  • Your timberframe home site plan
  • Front and rear elevations (in black and white)
  • Floor plans for all levels, with dimensions for each room

Step 3 – Review Site Plan

We will work with you to find a convenient time to review your timberframe home plan (in person or over the phone), and talk about any potential revisions. As revisions are made, we will also review some of the exterior details that you would like to see in your rendering.

Step 4 – Final Concept Presentation

This presentation – typically made within four weeks of the Site Plan review – will include the changes discussed in the previous step. At this stage, we will present:
  • Your timberframe home site plan
  • Front and rear elevations – one color and one black and white, with some hand-sketched lines
  • Final floor plan for all levels with dimensions in each room

Step 5 – Three-Dimensional Timber Model and Pricing Contract

Next, we will detail the cost for:
  • Timbers
  • Panels
  • Tongue and groove
  • All other accessories or services
The cost for the timberframe home design process can be a flat fee determined by the size and complexity of your project, or you can work directly with our architect and be billed at a rate of $75 per hour. Please note that additional costs may occur if a formal site plan and/or drainage plan are required by your municipality. Also, the design contract does not include pricing for your set of stamped construction documents (this price can be included with our timber and panel pricing, if you prefer).

To learn more about our design process, our pricing or any aspect of our timberframe homes, please contact Timberbuilt today.