A timber-frame home that you – and your family – will be proud of for generations

Larger timbers. Wall panels that are 60% more efficient. Green/sustainable buildings. A better value. These are just a few of the reasons why so many people choose Timberbuilt.

When people ask us why our timber-frame homes are better, we offer the following points that make us stand out from other timber home builders.  

  • The natural look – our sustainable buildings are designed to maximize the beauty of exposed wood and natural timbers.
  • Size matters – we use massive timbers (not “sticks”) to help deliver the look our clients want.
  • New and reclaimed materials are used, giving each and every one of our timber-frame homes character and charisma, making them as unique as those who live in them.
  • Flexibility – our unique building system allows for a customized timber-frame home, making it as rustic or elegant as a client desires.
  • Green building – our timber frame homes are amazingly environmentally friendly  due to the Insulspan® SIP panels we use that dramatically reduce both energy consumption and costs.
  • Less waste – the SIPs are pre-cut on a CNC machine for exact precision and a more efficient on-site build. We also cut and install all of the 2’ x 6’ lumber for the window and door cutouts, which allows your finish contractor to simply slide them into place – saving them time and you money. 
  • No nails – joinery is all handcrafted mortise and tenon construction. This method of notching out the timbers, fitting them together and pegging them is a much stronger and more stable method than post and beam. 
  • Supervised installation – Timberbuilt craftsman are actually on-site, erecting your frame and installing your panels (as opposed to many national companies who just send a package to your general contractor to install). Our crews are experts at installing panels and frames, which means we can build your home more efficiently, while maintaining our high quality standards.
  • Roof overbuilds – we provide roof overbuilds on your porches if necessary to ensure the fit of your porch timbers. 
  • Value – our timber-frame homes deliver some of the best value in the industry. The cost of a comprehensive timber and panel package delivered and installed on-site generally ranges from $55 to $90 per square foot.
  • We care about our clients – we understand that building your home can be an overwhelming process, so we work with you before, during and even after your home is completed. 

To see for yourself what makes our timber-frame homes unique, please visit an Open House, check out our photo gallery of timber-frame homes, or contact Timberbuilt to schedule a personal tour.