“Green”.  It's a term that gets thrown around a lot these days. Hours are spent defining, redefining and analyzing standards to reach the ultimate concept in eco-friendly construction. 

However, what is often left out of the "green"equation is the human element. The look and feel of a home, along with pride of ownership that are often lost within that strong focus on energy-efficiency.  

This is where Timberbuilt is different.  

Bridging the gap from green to gorgeous may not have always been our motto, but it certainly goes a long way in describing what we continually strive to accomplish.  

Much of our green expertise is founded in our SIP panels and the way we combine them with really great designs. Take a look at some of our key features to see how we do it.

  • SIP – Structurally Insulated Panels

Our choice as the hands down winner when building a cost-effective, super-insulated envelope. SIP’s have incredible strength--- the tightest envelope in the industry--- and a proven thermal performance. Pre-manufactured and precut off site, these panels result in highly effective close-in times. SIP’s are also well-suited to serve as rain screen wall systems, allowing natural siding choices to reach their full life span. 

  • Natural light

We love the outdoors. Judging by their taste in timber framing, our clients do too. That is why we design with lots of glass. Done wisely, we can make bright, well-lit homes that still achieve high, energy efficient standards.

  • Full envelope usage

SIP’s act as a thermal blanket, where everything inside the walls and roof is conditioned space. We take advantage of every cubic inch of volume, which allows us to build smaller footprints that live large---larger than the square footage would lead you to believe.


  • Open floor plan

This concept allows us to tighten down the square footage of our Timberbuilts. The spaces that we create are flexible and easy to adapt to changing needs, which adds to a home's longevity.

  • Rugged construction

Quality materials. Proven durability. Either panels or timbers can do the job---we use both.  

  • Waste not, want not - less is more, more is less

No dumpsters please.  Quality controlled, offsite engineered buildings are highly labor and material efficient.  

More insulation (SIP) equals less heating and cooling components. Less “stuff” to buy, install and maintain and less utility costs. More insulation also translates into more comfort with eco-friendly options for heating and cooling.  

More quality and less size results in homes in which owners take pride and love. Taking care of the things we love, increases longevity and ultimately could make Timberbuilts the greenest homes ever.

For those of you who are inclined to jump deeper into “green" home options, we have the ability to modify any one of our Timberbuilts and elevate their eco-friendly status. 


For example, in the illustration above, we have taken our popular “Cabin” design and focused on some structural elements of the home that make it highly energy-efficient. But by no means do those elements have to stop with our suggestions. 

There are many additional eco-friendly components that can increase savings and reduce a home's footprint. And while we may not be experts on them all, we can help design and craft them according to any homeowner's dream.  

Discover all the green building benefits of a Timberbuilt home by visiting an Open House, or contacting Timberbuilt today.