Meet some of our Timberbuilt Homeowners.
Read about their Timberbuilt experiences. 


Homeowners: Karen and David Taylor


The Memphis Delight


“Even before we moved into our Timberbuilt, it felt like home. And you don’t have to figure out how to live in it.  As you walk in the door, it just comfortably unfolds before you”." Read more...

Homeowners: Robin and Duncan Ross


Custom: Arrowhead Springs


"Basically we heat our entire house with a high efficiency wood stove and fireplace. The Timberbuilt design of timbers resting on SIP panels and clad with SIPS definitely provide an incredible thermal function“."Read more...

Homeowners: Gayle and Brent Montgomery


Custom: The Montgomery


"We discussed ideas for our home and George immediately contributed valuable design suggestions. He then assured us that all things were possible." Read more...

Homeowners: Megan and Josh Torman


The Spanish Olive


"My wife and I had been checking out the Timberbuilt website for the last four years and while we would be drawn to other builders, we kept coming back to Timberbuilt and their Spanish Olive design.  So we figured it must be our dream house.”-Read more...

Kendra and Don Hilton

Custom: The Livingston


"I’ll never forget when George took our initial designs and ideas and shorthanded them on a yellow pad. It was as if he was drawing a 2-D model as we talked. Today, as I walk around I can still see that yellow pad and I realize that what he drew that day became our home. George really is an artist in a way and he put together a good house for us.”  -Read more...

Hans Nerb, world-reknowned, beer brew system engineer.

Ellicottville Brewing Company (EBC)

HansNerbSm"I had seen pictures and videos of the project, but they did not compare to seeing the Ellicottville Brewery in person.Every part of EBC’s Brewery is designed with eye-catching details to attract tourists and beer lovers alike. It is absolutely perfect”  -Read more...

Diane and Peter Glauber

The Marshal


“We experienced building a really nice home before, But there is something really exciting about building this Timberbuilt.  It’s an experience on a whole different level “---Read more

Crista and Scott Bennett
The Bennett Ridge

BennettFamily"With the other projects we would find a house, buy it, fix it up and move on.” Crista said. "But this time we knew we were building our dream house and that we were going to make it perfect". To which Scott adds, "This house is the very best that we know how to do".-Read more...