Timberbuilts  are designed and constructed to be efficient, environmentally friendly, and – most importantly – true works of art. We are honored that this, "Green to Gorgeous" ideal has resulted in design awards from both Timber Home Living and Custom Wood Homes Magazines

However, the acclaim that we prize most highly comes from our clients, as we design and create the timber-frame homes of their dreams.

With Timberbuilt, you can choose from one of our standard plans, or work with our design group to completely customize your home.

What makes our design philosophy unique?
  • Our timber-frame homes typically feature 10” x 14” (or even 10’ x 16’) ridges, 10’ x 12’ rafters, 8’ x 10’ porch posts, and 8’ x 10’ (or 8’ x 6’) floor joists. These timbers are significantly larger than those used by most of our competitors.
  • We utilize Eastern White Pine, Douglas-fir and reclaimed timbers for the interior, and cedar for the exterior. Many companies don't use cedar on the exterior because it costs more. However, we know that cedar will hold up much better and look better after it has been exposed to the elements. We don’t cut corners and we don’t sacrifice quality, and that holds true for every timber-frame home we build.
  • All of our timbers have thoughtful details, including routered edges and curved braces. Each timber-frame home is designed to maximize the inherent beauty of exposed timbers. 
  • Our designs allow you to build a smaller footprint, while realizing a larger volume of space. People tend to measure the cost of homes by the square foot, when they should be considering the cubic feet of space in a home design. We can deliver more cubic feet in each home, thanks to our unique SIP wall and roof panels, which include insulation within each panel. Because the insulating envelope is contained within the roof plane, rather than the ceiling, our timber-frame homes feature dramatic living spaces and loft areas.
  • We offer a full range of interior design services.
To see more examples of our artful designs, please visit our photo gallery of timber-frame homes, come to an Open House, or contact Timberbuilt to schedule a personal tour.