Timber Frame Panel Package Details

Included in Our Timber and Panel Package



Design Drawings and 3D Modeling

Created over time in collaboration with our in-house designers and your input. Our core timber frame floor plans can be modified to fit your taste and your budget.

Pre-Construction Home Energy Analysis & Recommendations

We work with Trautman Associates to provide 3-D energy modeling and real time climate simulations to calibrate the exact requirements for your climate control systems. We include comfort-driven recommendations to take full advantage of our airtight, insulated SIP system to maximize its efficiency potential. Proper home orientation, utilizing solar resources, and cost-effective use of renewables are all considered.

Fully Engineeered Plans

Regardless of your location, we’ll ensure your project is compliant with building codes and specifically engineered for your particular property and climate.




Pre-finished, edge-routered interior timbers crafted by hand with mortise and tenon joinery. We typically use white pine or douglas fir but other options are always available.


Pre-finished, edge-routered exterior timbers and brackets crafted by hand with mortise and tenon joinery. For your overbuilds on porches and entries, we typically use cedar but this can be climate dependent. Douglas fir is sometimes utilized in drier areas, cypress in humid ones. Again, other options are available.



Insulspan SIP with expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation core and exterior skins of engineered oriented strand board (OSB). Our standard wall panel is 6″ thick but other options are available.


Insulspan SIP with expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation core and exterior skins of engineered oriented strand board (OSB). Our standard roof panel is 10″ thick but other options are available.



Your timbers are crafted by our team in preparation for the build and pre-fitted before they reach your property to ensure an efficient installation and a perfect fit with minimal labor. Our team will assemble your timbers on site using wooden pegs to interlock the joinery.

SIPs panels

The SIPs are built off-site and precision cut to enure a perfect fit. Our team installs everything, including 2×6 lumber in all window and door cut outs to prepare them for window and door installations. Panels are airsealed at the seams with tape or spray foam insulation. Floor joists for any upstairs loft areas are included.


We install ceiling boards where applicable to match the aesthetics, with many available options including reclaimed barn boards and various species of wood planks.


Crew Transportation and Housing

All costs for our install team are included in your price.

Materials Shipping

Timbers are shipped from our workshop to your site. Panels are shipped from our partners at Insulspan to your site.

Heavy Equipment Rentals and Transportation

Usually we utilize a telehandler shipped to your site from a local supplier. Sometimes we’ll encorporate a crane if needed.


We offer technical advice, design ideas, and are here to answer your questions throughout the process and beyond. We’re not done till you are and we pride ourselves on being available to help our clients in any way we can. As a client you will forever be a part of our extended Timberbuilt family with access to our resources and knowledge.