Timber Frame Home Designs

Our Timber Frame Designs

During our 20-year history, we’ve developed a hybrid timber frame design that combines the structural capacity of precision-insulated wall panels with exposed, load bearing timbers. The resulting homes are architecturally distinct, energy-efficient, and cost less to build and maintain.

Most of the homes that we’ve built over the years can be boiled down to a handful of core templates. Each of these timber and panel packages can be modified to suit your taste, your property, and your budget. Start with one of these and you get the value of pre-engineered design elements and the confidence that our install team has done this before. We know these things like the back of our hand.

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And if you don’t see what you want, remember that our mission is to build the home of your dreams, not ours. Custom builds are always available and as you’ll see in our catalog and on our social media — we are constantly adding new designs to our offerings.

Please contact us directly with questions about previously featured designs or additional models.