Compare Timberbuilt with other timber-frame builders and you’ll realize the exceptional quality and value in our homes. 

One of the prime reasons for that difference is that each timber-frame house we design and construct is more than just another project. It’s the opportunity to create something gorgeous, sustainably green and lasting, which is evident in every step of our Timberbuilt process. 

For example, here’s a list of everything you receive in our Timber and Panel package (if you prefer a turnkey package, please read about our Design Process and Building Process options). Read through the list and compare. Wnen you do we believe you will agree, there is a Timberbuilt difference.

The Timberbuilt Timber and Panel package includes:

  • Pre-finished white pine interior timber with mortise and tenon joinery
  • 6" wall panels (energy-efficient, pre-cut structured insulated panels, or SIPs, from Insulspan®)
  • 10" roof panels (energy-efficient, pre-cut SIPs from Insulspan®)
  • Pre-finished cedar exterior timbers and brackets with mortise and tenon joinery
  • Any overbuild on exterior porches or entries
  • Installation of timbers

  • Installation of panels

  • Installation of 2x6 lumber in all window and door cut outs (ready for window installation)

  • Taping of interior seams of SIP panels

  • Installation of some tongue and groove (T&G) on ceiling. While our standard for ceilings in our timber-frame houses is an oiled pine, we also offer the increasingly popular choice of using reclaimed timber. Our price includes installation of some T&G, such as timber-to-timber, while the rest (such as timber-to-wall) will be installed by your finish carpenter. Please note that T&G will be broken out as an additional charge, as we do have several options for it. Drywall can be used on the ceilings in certain areas at your request.

  • Floor joist for any upstairs or loft areas (foundation or decking not included)

  • All transportation and crane cost will be included in your price

To learn more about our Timber and Panel package, or if you have questions about our timber-frame houses, please contact Timberbuilt today.