There's an old saying that seeing is believing. Around Timberbuilt, we believe in old sayings like that, especially when it comes to experiencing the gorgeous and green qualities of our timber frame homes. We promise that from the moment you walk through the door, you will believe in our green and gorgeous, award-winning designs and construction.


Tour of Homes 2017!
Saturday April 29th, 2017 10:00am-3:00pm
Ellicottville, NY

Here is a great opportunity to tour some of our beautiful Timberbuilt houses all in one day! Spend the day and join us after at the Ellicottville Brewing Company for a brew (or two!) on us and meet the team! Sign up for our newsletter or contact Samantha for details.

Phone: 716.337.0012

If you're unable to attend this open house and are
interested in touring one of our homes, let's talk
about arranging a private Timberbuilt Home Tour.
Give us a call and no matter where you live, we'll
do our best to connect you with a Timberbuilt
homeowner near you.

Below is a partial list of Timberbuilts
across North America, both under
construction and completed.

Northeast Nova Scotia, Canada (Cape Breton area)
Southern Ontario, Canada (Toronto area)
Central Virginia (Richmond area)
Northeast Tennessee (Watauga Lake area)
Southeast Tennessee (Chattanooga area)
Northeast Pennsylvania (Elk Mountain ski area)
Northwest Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania Wild area)
Southeast Idaho (Yellowstone Park area)
South Central Montana (Yellowstone River area)
Southeast Wyoming (Cheyenne area)
Northwest Vermont (Burlington-Lake Champlain area)
Western New York (East Aurora area)
New York (Ellicottville area)
Alaska (Kodiak Island area)
Central Arizona (Flagstaff & Prescott area)
Northwest Oregon (Portland area)
Northeast New York (Lake Placid area)
Northwest Pennsylvania (Clarion area)
Southwest Ontario, Canada (Kenora area)