We are unabashedly proud of our Timberbuilts and equally passionate about the clients who partner with us in creating their dream timber homes. 

It’s not just the thrill of seeing hours of design work, craftsman expertise and onsite construction skills rise into a gorgeous timbered house. It’s also about the perfect balance of cutting-edge, construction technology, repurposed building elements and “green” building practices that we integrate into our award-winning designs.  

Our unmatched combination of timbers and SIP panels provide the ultimate in energy-efficient value. We also make the most of every square inch of our Timberbuilts footprint, building better – not bigger.  

But at the end of the day, we are most proud of our Timberbuilt process. We don’t just create your timber building package and ship it off to your building site for a contractor to figure out. We are absolutely there every step of the way with you.

From in depth conversations that translate your thoughts and ideas into a complete home design, through the hand-crafted creation of your home’s timber frame in our shop, to the onsite delivery and building of your timber frame by the very craftsmen who  cut, stained and finished every timber---your Timberbuilt is as personal to us, as it is to you. 

So, take a look and learn more about our timber frame floor plans. Browse through the photo gallery of some of our gorgeous homes and commercial buildings. Give us a call and let’s chat---let's partner in creating the Timberbuilt home of your dreams.