At Timberbuilt, we pride ourselves on our ability to design and create nearly any residential or commercial building for our clients nationwide. Our portfolio is filled with spectacular timberframe houses, restaurants, clubhouses and dozens of other buildings. To achieve our award-winning results, we often partner with trusted builders, dealers and contractors.

Here are just a few of the advantages of building with Timberbuilt:
  • Award-winning design – Our timberframe structures offer the beauty of exposed wood and natural timbers.
  • Quality construction – No “sticks” here. We use massive timbers to help deliver the look our clients want.
  • Flexibility – While many of our plans are custom, we can also use a client’s current plans, or work with their architect. Builders have the freedom to make each project as rustic or elegant as you choose. New and reclaimed materials are also available.
  • Green building – Our C&C-machined SIP panels are easy for you to install, and offer clients exceptional savings in terms of energy costs.

How a Builder-Dealer relationship works with Timberbuilt:

  • Timberbuilt offers our extensive design and marketing services to help you (or the general contractor) sell high-end timberframe houses or commercial buildings.
  • We ship you the pre-cut mortise and tenon timbers, as well as the pre-cut exterior Insulspan® SIP panels.
  • We also send a field manager to help the local trades with raising the structure.
  • You make commission from the timbers and SIPs, and have additional opportunities to make money from the finish work.
For more information, please contact:

Brian Kempisty