Commercial Timber Frames Rainbow Lake


This Timberbuilt pavilion sits along the shoreline of beautiful Rainbow Lake, set in the middle of Allegany Mountain Resort Park. The 70-acre property is set in the Allegany Mountains and operates on a membership bas, providing a safe family camping environment that’s fun, invigorating, and affordable. The pavilion is designed as a lakeside space where families can share meals and enjoy activities while surrounded by the natural beauty of massive timbers. As with all Timberbuilt projects, the pavilion is built with mortise and tenon joinery. The timbers are held in place with specially crafted wooden pegs. It’s a process that will keep the pavilion strong and stable for many memorable camping seasons to come.

Expansive dark-stained timber frame pavilion on concrete foundation surrounded by pine trees

Underside of commercial timber frame with metal roof. Picnic tables beneath.