What is included in your Timber and Panel package?

Timberbuilt offers one of the most comprehensive T&P packages in the industry. Please see our What’s Included page for more information. 

What building materials do you use?

For interiors, we utilize Eastern White Pine, Douglas-fir and reclaimed timbers for the interior. For the exterior, we use cedar, which costs more initially, but holds up much better when exposed to the elements. We don’t cut costs, and we don’t compromise on quality or sustainability. Our homes are built to last.

Do you build log cabins or log homes? 

At Timberbuilt, we design and build timber-frame homes, not log homes. While timber-frame homes and log cabins or homes can look similar, there are some important differences. For example, thanks to the SIP panels we use, our timber-frame homes are much more energy efficient than log cabins. 

If you’d like to learn more about the difference between timber-frame homes and log homes or cabins – and why you may want to consider a timber-frame home over a log home, please contact Timberbuilt today.

Do you do post and beam? 

At Timberbuilt, we do timber-framing, not post and beam. Timber-framing is a traditional form of wood construction that uses timbers joined by various methods of hand-cut joinery; we use mortise and tenon. This method of notching out the timbers, fitting them together and pegging them is a much stronger and more stable method than post and beam. 

If you’d like to learn more about the differences between timber-frame homes and post and beam homes, please contact Timberbuilt today.

Do you offer a turnkey package?

Yes we do. Please see our Building Process page for more information.

Do you offer a DIY option?

Timberbuilt is happy to partner with the growing group of homeowners dedicated to taking an active role in their dream timber home.  Please read our Josh Torman DIY client testimonial and then contact Timberbuilt for more information. 

Can I choose my own contractor?

Of course. Please visit our Building Process page to learn more. 

How do I find a builder?

We have tips and advice on our Select a Contractor page. 

Do you offer reclaimed timber?

Yes. Please contact Timberbuilt to learn more. 

Do you design custom homes?

Of course. Simply contact Timberbuilt, and let us know what you have in mind. 

Are your homes energy-efficient?

Yes – our SIP wall and roof panels reduce heat loss by up to 60% in residential construction. 

How much does a Timberbuilt home cost?

Typically, our packages are $55 – $90 per square foot, which is an excellent value when compared to other timber home builders. Keep in mind that, thanks to our insulated wall and roof panels that reduce the need for flat ceilings and wasted space, we often deliver more cubic feet than other builders, providing you with a home that feels both spacious and inviting. 

How do I become a Builder Dealer?

Please visit our Contractors Page for details.