Ask Timberbuilt owner, George Klemens, his opinion on the current “green” building trend and his reply is direct.

 “It’s about time.”

Ask George why he believes the time for “green” building has come and his reply becomes thoughtful and more complex.

“At the end of the day, when you build houses wisely and more energy efficient, future generations have a chance ---a chance to experience things in nature that have been significant throughout time.

George’s passion for homebuilding and the natural world first cross sectioned through his work as a home builder and hunting guide in the wide open spaces of Montana and Alaska. As it became clear that building was his career calling, George returned to his home state of New York and began experimenting with his “green” timber home ideal.


  “In its infancy, creating a timber house meant putting up a timber frame with a stick house around it.  While it looked awesome, it didn’t make sense.  SIPS changed all of that.  When we combined the two we had a winner. And as we built, we refined the process making houses that are off the charts--- using the panels to their insulating strength and the timbers to their structural and esthetic strengths."  

"From there we wound up with the great benefit of super energy efficiency and more flexible interior spaces.  In turn, we could install smaller heating and cooling systems---easy keepers---which made the houses more cost effective to build and operate. “Green”.

When George talks about creating timber buildings that are environmentally respectful, he focuses on elements outside of traditional energy savings. 

"Longevity is also part of the green thing. When a house or a building lasts, it's for a number of reasons.  It is made from materials that are durable and will last, like timbers.  It is manageable to maintain and operate, so it doesn’t require an overwhelming amount of work or money. It is made in a design that functions well. These are all the elements of a Timberbuilt that make our clients love their homes and in the end, people take care of what they love. “

After a moment’s thought, George adds a final step to his green building ideal that completes the cycle.  “And when the day comes when the house is no longer viable, you take it down and repurpose the timbers and recycle the rest.”


Timberbuilt offers high-quality residential and commercial timber-frame buildings for sophisticated residential and commercial clients throughout the United States  – all from our headquarters in the small town of North Collins, New York (about 45 minutes south of Buffalo). We pride ourselves on providing superior designs, energy-efficiency, and exceptional value. To learn more about how Timberbuilt can help you, please contact us today.