Timber Frame Homes | Hybrid Insulated Panels

At Timberbuilt we design, cut, and build stunning Earth-friendly
timber frame homes, hopefully for a profit… sometimes for a loss,
but always stunning and Earth-friendly.

Signature of Timberbuilt owner, George Klemens


Timbers and SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels)

Timbers & Panels
Either one can do the work — we use both.
The resulting shell we build will be the tightest and most efficient in the industry.
A shell that goes up fast, allowing us to travel far and wide —  Alaska to Florida, Flagstaff to Nova Scotia — and be price competitive.

3 Timber Frame PROCESS Welcome

Our signature plans offer flexibility in their design with a known outcome. They are a great starting (and sometimes finish) point.


Rest easy with the knowledge that we handle the design, engineering, timber joinery, timber finishing, and erection.

Your project becomes as personal to us as it is to you.



4 About Us WELCOME

Our tag line — Artful, Rugged, Green is a pretty good description of the people who make up Timberbuilt and the homes we produce.

Being forged and tempered in Buffalo, NY — a place where money doesn’t grow on trees — keeps us focused on value and on a simple question:

“Did our clients get their dollar’s worth?”



5 Connect With Us

To learn more, call or e-mail Sam.

(She’s very nice and very knowledgeable)

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